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Home of Brisbane's best lifestyle products for your pampered pooch. We specialise in products that enhance your pet’s life. 

Our core product, the Plush Recovery Collar is a softer, calmer and cuter way to spend those weeks after a visit to the vet. For the pup that prefers a lift, discover the perfect blend of convenience, comfort, style and safety with our dog backpack carriers, allowing you to take your pampered pooch on every adventure with the best seat in the house!

Our LED collars enhance safety when walking your dog at dusk and have many uses like when camping or on acreage. The Sun hat range provide sun shade for your pup’s eyes in the hot summer. Then there are those too cute to ignore accessories such our silk business ties that will keep you looking good all week round... Especially for the business dog!

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The Story Of Nugget's Bazzar

It all started after we came home to find Nugget, tail wagging and with his happy smile as usual. However, after taking a couple of steps, it was obvious something was very wrong. His ACL was snapped and following the operation and some complications, we needed to keep his Cone of Shame on for months. This was horrific, bumping into everything, damaging walls and backs of legs was just the start. He struggled to eat, drink, use the dog door and the frustration was evident. The hunt was on for locally stocked plush recovery collars that prioritised comfort and worked.

We struggled to find any and what we could find, we tried them all. Some too hard, others too soft. It felt hopeless and our hearts bled for him. Fast forward a little and Nugget’s Bazaar was born. But it didn’t stop there, our unique range is curated for the modern dog lover and their pampered pooch for all those precious moments and memories shared with your best friend.With the Nugget’s collection, you will stand out in the crowd. On a daily, guaranteed you will stand be asked…. Where did you get that from!


We are thrilled to offer extended pet stays, including day care for small and medium dogs.

Our residence, a fully fenced 600m2 home with cameras and additional front closure, is conveniently located 20-30 minutes from Brisbane Airport.For your assurance, through workplaces, I've undergone thorough police checks and Defence clearance, ensuring a safe environment for your beloved pets.

Our 2-year-old mini Schnauzer, though initially lively, is calm and playful post-introduction. All our furry guests, including your pet, enjoy indoor living, and my home features a fully enclosed yard with a 24/7 accessible doggy door.

Adjacent to numerous parks for delightful walks, I also provide access to a secure, fully fenced off-leash park catering to small/old dogs separately. We welcome both short and long stays, with our pup emphasising a preference for small to medium dogs over 2 years old with up-to-date vaccinations, house training, and a low-shedding coat (that one’s us!.. due to allergies).

Flexible pick-up/drop-off times, adding convenience to your pet's stay. Looking forward to chatting with you soon!



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